harvest time

Harvest Time

is a time to gather in the combinable cereals now the weather is set fair. We are so lucky to be ruled by the rhythm of the natural world. Fortunate also to be surrounded by our own farm. When the crops have finished converting the last few month's Spring sunshine and rain into big fat ripened grains, and the crops are standing dry and tall in the fields, the time is right to harvest them with the combine. The country lanes round here start to get busy with tractors ferrying trailers full to the brim of golden hard barley and tiny tight globes of black oil seed rape back to the stores in the yard. Occasionly the combine will push past, blunt nosed, through the narrow roads with it's header being pulled behind a pick up truck. As a car driver it is always best to take it slowly and pull right over. These mechanical beasts are huge, busy and usually trying to make the most of a dry weather window.